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Complete, clear-cut, connectable; that’s how we define data. In the last decade, this intangible element has become firmly embedded in every aspect of our life, changing the way we live, what we believe in, and ultimately reshaping the world around us. This pervasiveness has led many to call data the new OIL.

Data Integration – The First Step to Understanding Your Data

Data analysis is now crucial for every business in the world. The right insights can help organizations make better decisions, solve pressing operational problems, enhance inefficient workflows, understand customers, boost performances, and most importantly bring in the big BUCKS! 

The first step of data analysis is always data integration. Think about all the forms in which your organization has data, and about all the tools you use to compile it. There are CRMs, ERPs, mobile apps, websites, POS, sensors, and many more sources. Acquiring, cleaning, and consolidating inputs from all these disparate platforms and systems is never easy.. That’s one reason why most companies are still unable to reap the full benefits of the data they have available.

Data Integration Info – Bringing Clarity to Every Step of your Data Journey 

This website is set up to teach you everything there is to know about data integration and all of its related disciplines. From data extraction and preparation to reporting, analytics, and decision making – Data Integration Info provides a complete A to Z on the techniques and topics that make up this fast-moving industry. On our blog, you’ll also learn in-depth about data integration, migration, mapping, transformation, conversion, analysis, profiling, warehousing, ETL & ELT, consolidation, automation, and management.

Our content is designed for individuals at every level of data competency, whether you’re a student, an executive, a database administration, an analyst, or C-suite executive we’ll keep you abreast of breaking industry news, key concepts, essential resources, case studies, and emerging data solutions that are helping to drive business transformations across organizations today. 

At Data Integration Info, we cover a wide range of topics, but we especially consider some of the most grueling challenges of the industry including application integration, data extraction and consolidation, data ingestion and workflow automation. Moreover, we discuss the best tools and techniques for enterprise master data management (MDM).

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